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Our Services

Strategic Planning with a Tactical Twist

Does your company have a clear direction for their future?  Do you know where you are headed and how to get there?  Our Strategy Planning product supports you and your team in defining your goals and direction for the next 12 - 24 months.  You gain clarity on the products and services to focus on and identify who will lead each strategic initiative.  The project also ensures you have a tactical roadmap to guide your organization. 


Meetings & Communications Workshop

How well does your team communicate with customers?  With leadership?  With vendors? With one another? Strong communication is essential to an effective organization.    This workshop helps your team increase effectiveness in their 1:1 communication, in planning and leading meetings and improving information sharing via email, text and other written forms of communication.


Personal Growth & Success

The stronger the individual, the stronger the team.  When you invest in the individual team member to expand their skills and capabilities, you are increasing the competence and impact of your organization.   Our three month program focuses on goal setting, strength identification, accountability and accomplishment.   Each participant is part of a group of seven to ten individuals from one or more organizations.  During the program, they are guided on an individualized journey to understand themselves and their goals more deeply.  Most importantly they learn how to reach their goals and experience the satisfaction of accomplishment.


Aligning Strategy and Finance 

Usually conducted in conjunction with our Strategic Planning projects, organizations who undertake Aligning Strategy and Finance are supported in the development of an operational financial model that supports the tactical plan portion of the 12 - 24 month strategy.  The financial plan identifies revenue generation goals for each service or product targeted for the coming months.  Expenses are also modeled including people resources, production costs and infrastructure costs such as technology and facility requirements.  The financial plan becomes a valuable resource for the coming year to monitor progress on revenue generation and assess control and management of expenses. 


Marketing Presence 

Together with our partner Brixten Marking we can support you in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and then follow through to assist you with core elements of marketing execution in the areas of website development, website maintenance and growth, and social channel marketing programs. 


Organization Reboot Seminar

Forget about strategic planning, your worried that your company is stuck in a slump.  Morale is down, team members feel discouraged and new ideas are non existent.  Before you even attempt to outline a strategic plan, spend time bringing your team together for an Organization Reboot Session.  We will guide your team on an inspiring journey to identify the strengths and opportunities for themselves and the organization as a whole. 


Custom Services

Many of our clients request assistance with a specific project or need.   We are glad to work with you to design and tailor a custom project.  We will work together to define the end goals and develop a plan for helping your team accomplish those goals.  Our preference is to outline the project with a fixed cost - avoiding any surprises for either of us in regard to prcie or end products.  Just reach out via email at to let us know the type and details of project or service you are requesting. 

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