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If you are a business owner, we know that you have a goal to maximize the value and financial return for your business.  We work with small to mid-size businesses at all stages of growth.  Whether you are just getting your business ready for launch or have reached a mature state we can help with an infusion of creativity, organization, financial clarity, and team dynamics.  We are ready to work together.  Learn more about the core services we offer.  


Meeting & Communications

Before you exchange information with a customer ensure that your own team is communicating with clarity and efficiency.

Strategic Planning

Develop direction for the future of your company coupled with a plan to achieve success.

Organization Reboot

Is your organization stuck in a slump? Is your team suffering from low morale?  Help your organization reboot!

Aligning Strategy & Finance

Define a financial plan to support your strategy and process to track and monitor progress.

Personal Growth & Success

Strengthen your organization by strengthening the individual. 

Marketing Presence

Maximize benefits from your marketing spend by developing a game plan.  We can support your with strategy, website development, social marketing and more

The greatest gift we can give ourselves and the people around us is to find our purpose and create our vision in our business and our life. 

- Jennifer McClung

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about us

Founded in 2019 by Jennifer McClung, greatfullgrowth brings premier consulting services to small to mid-size business.   Drawing on her consulting start at Accenture, followed by founding a start-up consulting firm, Avalion, which sold to Grant Thornton in 2009, Jennifer helps her clients solve problems, define direction and strengthen operations. 

She has a unique ability to listen to the team and understand the challenges and opportunities presented.   From the initial information gathering phase she helps the organization craft their strategic direction and target goals.   

However, she believes that the differentiation for her services is the ability to take strategy and develop an action plan to make things happen.  Jennifer loves fixing  broken operations, implementing systems and technology tools to support the business and working with people to help them discover their strengths.  

She is supported by a team of experienced professionals who share her commitment to delivering excellence! 


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